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Would You Like a Mobile Lifestyle?

So what do you need to do to achieve a mobile lifestyle?

Firstly you need a vision. What is it you really want from your business and lifestyle? That might sound like an obvious question but many people haven't really sat down and thought about it. If you have a partner and/or family, do you know what they want in life? It's a great topic for discussion over a meal - find out where you are all heading. You might be surprised at the answers - pleasantly I hope! If you are all heading in the same direction, that is a great start. You might want to begin with a vision board and pictures of the things you really want. It could be simple things like a day out with the family or something much bigger like a holiday or even living in a different house/country etc. Everyone's ideas will be different so think about what it is that YOU want, not want you think someone else wants to hear.

Once you've worked out your destination, now start to set some goals and plan your journey. Again, this might sound like common sense but so many people live their lives without a plan. Having a plan gives you some structure to your activities, gives you a reason to do what you do so that you can achieve your dreams. Anything is possible, you just have to decide what you want and how you are going to get it.

So far this has all been about you and what you want to achieve but none of us can do everything so building a team is the next piece of the jigsaw. I do a lot of networking and therefore meet a lot of people. I've been building a team around me over the last few months and now that I'm ready to step up my business, I have people in place who can help me. Although I can have a go at most things, it is much better to find an expert and ask them to do it properly! Not only will it be a better result, it will take them a lot less time and I can focus my time and effort on an area of my business that I'm passionate about.

Many business owners I speak to think that they are they only person who can work in their business. It just isn't true! Letting go is a big thing for most people but once you do that, you start to free up your time and your business still continues to earn you money. They key is finding the right people to delegate or outsource to. Building your networking will therefore bring you into contact with people you can work with - perhaps have a joint venture with - so that your business grows even though you aren't in it twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

If you like the sound of that and would like to know more, please book onto the taster session I'm holding in Ashford, Kent soon. Booking details can be found here.

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